So I’ve been working on a new map with an old school video arcade theme. I though it’d be really cool if each individual video game cabinet was based on a real world machine, with real animated screens. The game cabinets will be the main source of light in the map. Shooting enough of the screens out will eventually leave your character in the dark, so it’s best to avoid doing that 🙂 The video below is a pretty cool time lapse of the design process of one of the racer cabinets. Hope you enjoy!

There are TONS of new updates coming in the very near future. I’ve already added 3 new guns to the game. I have plans to put a free beta version online hopefully by the end of the summer. For now, I’d be willing to give anyone who wants to test the game an unfinished version to get their hands on. Just drop me a message on the Facebook page at

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