So after about an 8 week break, I’m excited to say that the development of Gauge Of Rage is back in full swing again. This week I’ve been working on redesigning the gun swap mechanic, and I’m quite pleased with it so far. Previously, the gun swap system was designed with an old school feel allowing the player to hold and cycle up to 5 guns at once. This worked fine with mouse and keyboard controls; mapping the gun swaps to the mouse wheel allowed you to cycle guns without hindering your ability to move and aim. However, cycling guns with the controller felt too clunky to be fun. Also. I’d find that at most times, half or more of your guns would have no ammo in them anyway, so this ultimately made me decide to switch to a more new school mechanic, allowing your character to hold only 2 guns at once, and be able to swap either of these guns for new ones found on the ground. Below is a pretty detailed (probably too detailed) video demonstrating the update.

Looking forward to finishing this up this weekend, as well as beginning the next stage of updates I’ve got planned for the coming weeks. As always, let me know if you’d like to get involved. Leave a message on the Facebook page at 🙂


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