Rogue Stache Weapons list

Weapon information and stats can be found here.

Picture Name Desctription
Laser Pistol Basic weapon, does not scale with EXP
Shotgun Shoots a 3 bullet spread
SMG Fast fire rate, great for large groups of weak enemies
Bazooka Shoots rockets in a straight line
Assult Rifle Burst fire, pew pew pew
Rail Gun Shoots a powerfull laser that passes through multiple enemies
Flame Thrower Burn enemies with fire, does not scale with EXP
Heavy Machine Gun Sprays bullets everywhere, huge magazines
Split Shot Bullets fork when they hit an enemy, can set off chain reactions
Eliminator Homing rocket launcher will lock on to the nearest enemy, does not scale with EXP
Grenades They explode after 3 seconds, or when they hit an enemy. Does not scale with EXP
Laser Rifle Shoots lasers that bounce off walls and enemies, does not scale with EXP
Electric Pistol Shoots lightning bolts. Damage scales with distance.
Beam Sword Melee weapon, only loses ammo when you hit an enemy
Acid Pistol Sprays a arc of acid, usefull for shooting over walls. Does not scale with EXP
Death Ray Massive rocket launcher, very OP
Wi-Fi blaster Shoots a spread of bullets that look like wifi signal. good for large groups. does not scale with EXP
Revolver Huge bullets that pass through enemies
Axes Throwing axes